About Us

About Us

The Somali STEM Society (also registered as the Somali STEM Association), is an umbrella association for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in all Somali regions, bringing together academics, researchers, students, entrepreneurs and other professionals interested in STEM education, innovation and enterprises to create a platform to learn, contribute, share and exchange STEM-related knowledge, skills and expertise.

The Somali STEM Society recognises that achieving success in the modern field of technology and science requires the cultivation of transformative, innovative and creative thinking skills necessary for a developing economy. For education to achieve its maximum potential, urgent changes are needed. This includes steps to eliminate persistent disparities in education access and achievement, improving educational quality and provide learners with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours necessary for quality learning.

STEM skills and education have a vital role to play in this transformation and are also key for preparing students for the world of work, providing them with much greater access to in-demand STEM careers of tomorrow.

The Somali STEM Society believes that STEM skills and education is a critical means of preparing the nation for scientific revolution and advancement.

Many countries have invested in STEM education as a means of bringing about scientific transformation and advancement. Somalia now needs to dedicate greater effort to promoting STEM as a way of reconstruction this great nation. Establishing the Somali STEM Society is vital not only for the development of the nation but for individuals to develop their own potential.

The Somali STEM Society

welcomes members from across all Somali regions as well as from the diaspora, including academics, students, researchers and all other science and technology-oriented professionals.

Our Team

We are a diverse, dynamic and dedicated team of Somali STEM professionals whose shared goal is to elevate knowledge and skills in STEM, inspire, motivate and cultivate future STEM innovators, unite Somali STEM professionals and contribute to global knowledge.

Vision Statement

• To attain quality STEM education and skills for sustainable community development across all Somali regions.

Mission Statement

• To provide support and promote the enrichment of STEM education, skills and learning tools in order to develop capacity and an effective STEM curriculum.


• Fairness and inclusivity regardless of gender, tribe or place of birth. • Competent and dedicated service delivery • Quality and responsive client engagement at all times.

About Us

  • To cultivate, inspire and motivate future STEM innovators and to contribute global knowledge on STEM subjects
  • To elevate knowledge and skills in STEM and to create a platform to acquire, share and exchange STEM knowledge and skills
  • To collaborate with private, non-governmental and governmental STEM education institutions, including ministries in all Somali regions
  • To build bridges and unite Somali STEM professionals


  • To enhance the level of participation in research and the dissemination and preservation of knowledge and skills for both academic and social development.
  • To promote learning that will enable students to be self-motivated lifelong learners who can easily and quickly adapt to changes.
  • To improve education quality and provide learners with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours to ensure inclusiveness and sustainable development.
  • To work with education institutions (schools and universities) and all Somali regional ministers of education and help to build capacity strength in STEM education.
  • To nurture future Somali STEM innovators so Somalis can compete, strive and contribute globally.
  • To promote acquiring and sharing knowledge and skills through STEM debates, STEM Conference, STEM Entrepreneurship, and STEM Training (Workshops, Seminars and Symposiums).


The Somali STEM Society adopts a horizontal integration growth and observes a decentralised model. We have representatives in 7 Somali cities, namely:

The main administrative roles are performed at the headquarters, while other projects are conducted throughout the country in the cities listed above. We believe that the more branches there are, the higher will be the probability of meeting our organizational objectives.

Affirmative Action Initiatives

The Somali STEM Society supports all people interested in STEM regardless of their gender, tribe or place of origin. The management includes both male and female professionals and the Society is keen to promoting the greater participation of girls and women in STEM subjects.

Our scope of operation