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The Somali STEM Society will engage the audience (students, researchers, academics and other professionals interested in STEM) through several activities every calendar year. If you want to become a member, then join us now!

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In African culture, it is said that it takes a village to raise a child, meaning help and support from the whole community is needed to ensure that children do not lack the means to achieve wellbeing. Everyone’s contributions and support are valuable in our common endeavour to build a sustainable future for ourselves and our children.

You can donate or support us in the following ways:

  • STEM KITS for practical and experimental purpose.
  • STEM books and writing materials.
  • STEM laboratory equipment.
  • Your time
  • Or Donate


Be sure to review the ways you can make an impact and please share this page with your family and friends. Your involvement is critical to the success of Somali students.