STEM Forum

Every month Somalia STEM Society holds a one-day STEM development forum in the STEM labs across the 7 states of the federal republic of Somalia.

The Forum brings together leaders, innovators, and champions from across the country who are united by a passion to advance excellence in STEM education and innovation in the country.

Only presentations that are STEM-related and which fit within the forum themes are considered. Presentation selections are made based upon the relevance of the topics, their educational value and insights. The forum offers participants the chance to:

  • attend the forum to learn how other regions bring STEM activities into innovation and education;
  • learn how to bring greater awareness for STEM jobs.


The STEM forum also aims to improve the capacities of STEM teachers in Somalia. The forum offers educational and professional development opportunities to STEM teachers:

  • inspiring teachers to grow and improve STEM programs at their schools
  • building teachers’ knowledge and skills related to STEM teaching and learning
  • introducing teachers to community resources that support high-quality STEM education

The forum also offers a platform for networking, sharing ideas and improving STEM education in the country.