Africa Science Week

African Science Week in 7 Somali Cities in 7 Days

In October each year we host Africa Science Week in 7 Somali Cities in 7 Days, with the aim of reaching out to the entire Somali people collectively, to raise awareness and ignite the power of science. This year’s Africa Science Week marked the beginning of STEM activities in many of the constituent states/regions. All cities were given the chance to host and coordinate their own STEM activities.



  1. To provide training to students and other participants on how to use STEM equipment.
  2. To present opportunities for student creativity and help them to formulate STEM projects to showcase during the Africa Science Week.
  3. To enhance inclusivity by hosting the Africa Science Week in seven cities in seven days.



Each city had the opportunity to train and prepare the students for up to two weeks and host the African Science Week for one day.

  1. Las Ando (Somaliland)
  2. Bossaso (Puntland)
  3. Kismayo (Jubaland)
  4. Baidoa (South West State)
  5. Beledweyne (Hishabelle)
  6. Galkayo (Galmudug)
  7. Mogadishu (Banadir Regional Administration (BRA))
  Full Detailed Activities – Africa Science Week in Seven Somali Cities in Seven Days




·       Workshop with Hands-on Activities: Basic Life Support

·       Seminar: The Role of Science in Food Production



Hands-on Activities:

·       Linux

·       Coding

·       Subnetting

·       STEM Kits Training (Build and Programme a Robot)



·       Seminar: Basic Architecture

·       Workshop with Hands-on Activities: Mechanical Engineering

·       Workshop with Hands-on Activities: Electronics

Mathematics ·       Workshop: Maths Challenge
STEM Hands-on Activities, using STEM Kits


·       Build and Programme a Robot: Equipment for Secondary Schools (LEGO Education) and Equipment for Universities (mBot Educational Robot Kit)

·       Arduino Kits: Automating all systems, such as home automation, gas detection, CCTV, oscilloscope, robots, fire alarms, Bluetooth, RFID, games, measuring systems ‒ such as temperature and etc.

STEM Fair including: STEM Kit Presentation, Symposiums and a Career Fair

Expected Outcomes

By the end of the Africa Science Week – it is expected that:

  • Many more universities and secondary school students will participate in STEM activities in Somalia
  • The activities will raise awareness and ignite the power of science
  • Many students will have participated in practical sessions for the first time in their lives.
  • The culture of Science, Technology, Mathematics and Engineering will be spread across the nation through all universities and secondary schools.

 Raising STEM awareness and introducing STEM-related activities in these Somali cities will play a major role towards improving educational standards. It also prepares the students to become problem-solvers and innovators by applying STEM knowledge. Involving all seven cities in the STEM activities also serves as a unifying factor for the entire country and acts as a symbol of national unity because it involves all Somalis.


Watch here our last Africa Science Week in 7 Somali Cities in 7 Days!