Scope of Operation

The Somali STEM Society seeks to support and empower students, researchers, academics and other professionals interested in STEM and help them to become the next generation of innovators.

The Somali STEM Society, in collaboration with key stakeholders, will host a range of activities to nurture the talents of upcoming and existing scientists, engineers, technicians and mathematicians.

Current and Upcoming Projects and Activities in 2019

  • Women/Girls in STEM
  • Inter-state STEM Competition
  • STEM Teacher Training Courses
  • Annual Somali STEM Summit (July 2019)
  • Launch of STEM Lab – Centre of Excellence
  • Africa Science Week in 7 Somali Cities in 7 Days
  • Fellowship for Somali Youth in STEM Leadership

Completed Projects and Activities 2017-2018

  • Built STEM Lab – Centre of Excellence (Nov 2018)
  • African Science Week in 7 Somali Cities in 7 Days (7-13 Oct 2018)
  • STEM Awareness Week (Aug 26-30 2018)
  • Annual Somali STEM Summit (July 10-13 2018)
  • Launch of the Somali STEM Society (2017)

In addition, we contribute by: 

  • Collaborating with the private sector, industry, governmental agencies and international NGOs in supporting STEM activities and projects in schools and universities.
  • Raising national awareness of the importance of enhancing the academic rigor of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) teaching in elementary, secondary and Higher Education.
  • Providing professional development, teacher training and curriculum development/enhancement of STEM subject-teaching, in collaboration with Ministers of Education in all Somali Regions and other stakeholders.
  • Enriching the creativity of students through experimental kits and hands-on STEM project experiments both in and out of classrooms and through the media.
  • Showcasing STEM activities and program demonstrations at annual STEM summits and regional STEM events, as well as hosting Africa Science Week.
  • Connecting the Somali STEM Society with other STEM projects in Africa and elsewhere.