Helps learners to stay up to date with tech developments

Creates room for innovation

Creates a difference

Fosters and benefits creativity

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Somali STEM Society

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. These fields play a crucial role in our everyday lives – often in ways most of us are not even aware of. STEM training develops knowledge and skills including problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, data analysis, innovation, and more.
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STEM education and skills:

Helps learners to stay up to date with tech developments

In a global and technology-based education and business environment, technology is forever changing. It is used in almost every aspect of our lives. As workplaces change with updated software and office equipment and machinery become more advanced, STEM knowledge is vital for almost all employees. Keeping pace with technology is crucial.

Creates room for innovation

STEM knowledge helps to transform new ideas into inventions. Just think of the latest device you possess or the device that’s currently at the top of your wish list!

Creates a difference

Building that shelter, finding that cure, inventing the best way for people to communicate, or helping people overcome financial obstacles makes a huge difference – and with STEM education, Somali students and professionals can make that happen.

Fosters and benefits creativity

Creativity is one of the many benefits of STEM education. Ironically, creativity is also greatly encouraged and developed through STEM education! Learning about design, for example, can help students understand how to use the space within any structure most effectively.

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Our Aim

Through collaborative partnerships with all stakeholders, we aim to enhance scientific and technological creativity and innovation in the classroom, in business and in industry. In this way we aim to boost the widespread attainment of STEM technical skills and education as the path to sustainable and inclusive socioeconomic development.

Our Dedication

Here at Somali STEM Society/Association, we are dedicated to encouraging, supporting and empowering the current and future generations of Somali scientists, technicians, engineers and mathematicians. Our aim is to help these scientists create, innovate and excel in their specialized fields of study or practice to improve the quality of education and promote technical skills and innovation in business and industry in the Somali economy.

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